I had a random thought last night, and well, it was in my head, so I’m posting it here. In every single article I have researched the pedophile, perverted trans person is portrayed as a transwoman – Same with all the “triggered” posts – call me ma’am. My transgender sisters are always seen as being these horrible, hateful people.

Why are transmen not seen the same? There are so few negative articles, or comments, meme’s etc about transgender men. I’m not saying they are the dengerates that we are portrayed as, please don’t think that.

Now – I don’t know the percent of transgender men there are to transgender women, but even so, it was something I was interested in.

The only conclusion I came up with is that of course, men are perverts – even ones that are no longer men – now of course most of these people don’t see transgender women as women – just men dressing up…. so would explain that theory – even though I think they’re wrong.

So does that also mean that again – they don’t see transmen as men, but more so as women still.

If that’s the case – great, hate equally, but then – why don’t you hate on both?

Anyone got any theories, I would be interested to know of your opinions.