How many times have you been asked – what did you get for your birthday? Well I’ve been given everything I could of ever asked for.

I’m happily married to my soul mate, and I can’t fault my daughter – she is something really special.

My friends both at work, and at home, I’m so fortunate to have friends who whilst will help me up when I am down, they’re quite happy to remind me to pull my head in when needed.

Most of these people are women, incredibly knowledgeable women who have had to fight more than I’ve had to. Sure, I’ve had my challenges – but this world is only starting to push back against the sexist world that has been the norm for so many years. If you’re a woman – how many times have you been told – why are we celebrating women’s day, we don’t celebrate mens day – umm yes we do. Nov 19th if you’re interested… But there was the constant wolf whistles, perving and just general non believing in the ability of women – for so long, and now women are standing up together and saying this is not accepted anymore.

I met two amazing women today, both saying how privileged they were to meet me today. I’m sorry, but to hear one say that she had decided to come out at work after following my story, and the other saying she was hoping to one day meet me, and to meet me and say happy womens day made her day, I felt so incredibly proud – and to meet these two – made my day.

I wanted to help one person come out by telling my story – I’ve achieved that – time to help another person, just one more.

I now measure my age as a totally different system – today I’m 46+1. The 46 will never increase. Never. That is the time I spent hiding my life. The 1 – fairly obviously – as me.

I wrote in a post that I posted elsewhere this comment – and the more I read it – the more I’m so moved by my journey.

To my 7 year old self who first said – I’m a girl, and faced that rejection, the first of many – We made it. You are finally the woman you always knew you were.