I’m not going to kid myself, I don’t always have everything under control, and at the moment I’m trying to figure it out a little bit more how to get this a bit more under control.

It’s scary when someone tells you they think there is two parts to you (great I need another split personality), one is my logical side – the other my emotional and I tend to work more with my logical side, and block my emotional side to deal with the issue, and then try and consolidate my emotions – but on the flip side – I then tend to bottle my emotions.

The problem is – I use to know the limits of my emotions, and knew when I needed to deal with them, my problem now though – I don’t know where those limits are, and I think I get there a lot quicker, and then I tend to over react, and that can descend into harming myself – not physically, but I get irrational, and struggle to see anything positive and make emotive – and poor decisions.

I really hope that I can get the balance between my logical, and emotive sides. I love the range of emotions I have now – I was asked to consciously realise my emotions this week, and by doing so, I’ve been able to find ways to compliment those emotions. Either with music, pausing to look at the trees,

The thing that I do love about all of this – is I’m growing, I’m discovering more about who I am, and my journey is one I am cherishing.