Love my messy hair!

I walked out of counselling today, and it reminded me so much of when I walked out knowing I had to come out. And no, I’m not changing again – you don’t have to worry. But just that light bulb moment – that moment when you realise – shit, I can do this.

Today I got to draw, and we started with me, we then focused on family, and spread out. and we covered some periods in my life, that weren’t so great.

I kept looking at that first page, and the people I had written on it. This is my core “family”, my closest friends, acquaintances, family. These are the people I totally trust – I know they won’t judge me when I falter, and they have all been there to remind me – I’ve been worse – and I’ve survived.

This really hit me, as much as I wrote other names, other places, I kept going back to these people. I often see people post the same posts with the same people tagged, you see they hangout with these people – and it was a real realization – this is exactly what I have!

I have other friends, acquaintances and family, but when the chips are down – I have people I can rely on, and who truly care.

These people keep me grounded, they tell me to pull my head in, and they tell me I am doing when I am.

This realisation – I can do anything, I’ve faced harder situations than I will ever have in the future, and I survived them. Nothing has ever stopped me, or broken me that I didn’t recover from, and all of that formed me into this person I am now.

I’m a strong confident bitch! Who knew?