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I’ve often been asked, what did you do, how did you get where you are, and I thought I would make a post. It’s me, this is my journey, and may not be the best way, or the one that gets the best results, but for someone on very limited means – this is how I did it.

My first step was to go to a GP – where I admitted to the first medical professional – I think there’s something wrong, and quite possibly I’m transgender. I was after a referral, and had been told about serenity on South – My counsellor (David Parrick) has moved to WA Psychology , I nearly didn’t go to him – he was a male, but I highly recommend him, highly recommend. I really didn’t want Laura to survive what I thought would be counselling to kill her off, I wanted to try and be who I always tried to be. The GP got me on a mental health plan and a referral – this is key as you can then get cheaper counselling – 8 sessions in all per calendar year, I think the cost went from about $185 down to about $80ish per session. I used all 8 because I wanted to make sure I had tools to help me through the fun things – you know telling the world.

But I knew when I walked out that first day of counselling that Laurence was going, and I was going to live finally as me.

After my counselor gave me the diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria, I could then look at a referral to someone to help with the hormone therapy. I was referred to Dr Bede Rogers at the Perth Medical Centre. With a concession card, he bulk bills, and is accessible for me being in the city. There are probably better GP’s, Endos and specialists, but as my transition is done on a budget, this is what was available to me. I am happy with the results that I’m getting.

Dr Rogers also provided me with a referral for speech therapy. I think this gives 5 free, or reduced sessions, I used this for the Curtin Speech Clinic. It’s students in their last year of training getting a taste of the real world. The initial interview looks at all aspects of your life, and you may find you are candidates for other areas that they do the same service, I tapped into their physio, occupational therapy, and also counselling for non transgender issues, like anxiety, and actually learning to love who I am, and that I can be proud – this is an entirely different post. But the cost is $0.

My voice has gone from about 110hz I found out, I thought it was lower, to 160hz, and now I’m focusing on trying to get a more sing song pattern in my voice. Again, I’m extremely happy with the results.

Again, this transition has always been about me, but also on the best budget I could find and do. If I had the funds, I may of done things different, but I don’t and something I have to remember – I’m doing the best I can, and I can’t argue with how proud of the woman I have become.