One of the most common fear about transgender people is – If we let transgender in – perverts will dress as women, and spy or violate women. I would really love to see the stats – how many people have dressed as women, and violated the privacy of other women or girls?

How many men have been found violating other men, and or boys? I bet that’s a higher number – yet nothing is ever brought up about this.

We let gay men into the mens bathrooms, and lesbians into the female bathroom – aren’t they likely to perve? There will be more gay and lesbians going into a bathroom in a day than likely trans people in a month.

This is going into the TMI bucket – but this is how it is. This is my truth.

By taking hormones, I have chemically castrated myself. I cannot maintain an erection with the shrunken member that I wish was gone. I have no sex drive. And most important of all..

I live in fear of bathrooms. The simple thought of I need to go to the bathroom drives my anxiety levels through the roof. If I think I can make it through until I go home I will. Even where I know I have support with using the bathrooms, I will try and wait until I get home, or use the unisex bathrooms when it’s available.

Have people not realised – transgender people have been using the bathroom of their gender for years – decades. It’s not a new thing people! Do we only have issues with transgender people don’t pass? I know a number of transgender people, and you would never of realised they were assigned the opposite gender at birth.

If that’s the case – do we then frown on masculine looking women, and feminine looking men?

A man dressing as a woman stick out. Even with hormones etc, I stick out like a sore thumb. Is a pervert going to want to stand out? Of course not. There is not a single person that walks past me and doesn’t realise I have a masculine body – and ultimately I was born a male. I am scrutinized everywhere I go.

The only think I miss about living as a man, was being able to go to a bathroom, care free. Now? I would rather swim without makeup and my hair than go to the bathroom. How fucked up is that, going to the toilet is a private thing, yet I would rather suffer public ridicule.