Funnily enough I wonder which of these some people think when they see people like me, and I’m going to address them all.

I’m not talking about the people who have a quick look, work out what I am, and just carry on with life making a gentle note, wow, I’ve seen a trans chick, and well she’s dealing with the same shit as me.

No I’m talking about the starer. You know the ones who will watch my every step in case, I can not only change from male to female, but also from a woman to a nuclear weapon they need to be fearful, because that’s a special skill all transgender people have!

So lets address these.

Freak. These are the ones that will generally make it known that they don’t like transgender people, and I’ve had a few of these people. They say things like, I wouldn’t fuck you, you’re a man, laugh at you or things that are worse. For a chick who has a smart ass mouth, and what may seem like a death wish, I tend to reply with things like – I wasn’t offering, I wonder if I should stab him to death with one of my heels…. Most of the time though I just stare back – I’m not going to be shamed by you. I may smile at you, but I may say something to draw attention to you, and you won’t know what to do – I’ve been in the position of being stared at – have you been in the position that the object of your hate challenging you back?

Like. These are the best, Oh wow I like you hair. You look great, I wish I had your height – these comments are brilliant, as you realise you’re being treated as a normal person, and this actually is all I want.

Drop Dead Gorgeous. This is my mechanism. When I’m not feeling strong, or when I’m feeling insecure by the number of people looking at me, I’ve managed to train my mind (mainly) to instead of thinking – they think I’m a freak, I think they are staring at me because I look so damn gorgeous. It helps get my mind back into the positive space, and remember – I don’t answer to you.