It’s such a cliche – today is the first day of the rest of your life, and whilst it’s true – it’s also corny.

So it’s perfect! I truly don’t know where my life will go now, but what I do know is that finally I feel recognised as the person I know I am. Today I changed the first thing relating to my gender – at my GP.

I had to sign some paperwork for the testing of the cyst cut out of my shoulder – Laura Merraine – Female.

Sure it’s a piece of paper – and I’m not delusion – this paper is not going to change the views of anyone, but myself. If anyone doesn’t accept me before, this paper won’t change that, for the others people – they already accept me.

I’m a woman. I’ve known it most of my life – I just didn’t get to live it, I did to an extent – but only in my own home.

Without surgery, I feel I’m now as far as I can go with my transition – but I don’t feel it’s incomplete, on the contrary – I feel like it’s completed. I’m at peace with my mind, and my body, they are working together to make me a better person. I feel now that this is what it must be like to grow up cis – most days now I forget I’m transgender. Today I said to a friend – it feels so weird saying my old name. It doesn’t hold anything over me – it feels like someone else’s name now.

My name is Laura, I am a woman, I am at peace.